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Ann Arbor Dog Info from A to Z

Ann Arbor Dog Adoption

The Humane Society of HuronValley is located on Cherry Hill just south of Plymouth road. Please consider adopting an older dog or a black dog.  Did you know that black dog syndrome affects dark colored dogs.  People think they are scary. Michigan Animal Adoption Network – has a good listing of Michigan shelters and adoption services. Last Day Dog Rescue- in Livonia.

Ann Arbor Dog Boarding

Karnik Pet Lodge
Karla’s Bed and Biscuit

Arbor Dog Day Care
Paws Claws Pet Care

Camp Bow Wow

Ann Arbor Dog Breeders

Where are all the Ann Arbor Dog Breeders?  I haven’t found and dog breeders in Ann Arbor.  If you are one and would like to show off your beautiful puppies and dogs contact us please.

Ann Arbor Dog Clubs

Ann Arbor Dog Training Club – They teach you to train your dog.  Sounds like a good thing.  They also have agility training and trials and a lot of dog related activity.  Been around since 1967 according to their website.  Lots of upcoming events! Ann Arbor Kennel Club – serving the purebred dog needs of  Washtenaw County.  Sanctioned by the AKC.  I better stick to the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club. My dog is a mutt.

Ann Arbor Dog Day Care

Doghouse In Ann Arbor – it’s like a spa for you dog.  A really nice place for your loved pet.  They will pick up your dog and drop her off too.  Spend the day or spend the night.  I take my dog there.  She loves to jump into the van when they come to pick her up.  Nice! Ann Arbor Dog Daycare – they have live streaming web cams so you can check up on your dog at the daycare. Karnik Pet Lodges – You can take your cat there too. Take a virtual tour of their Ann Arbor site. It looks very secure.

Ann Arbor Dog Friendly Hotels

There is a list of dog friendly hotels in Ann Arbor on Ann Arbor is not really that dog friendly compared to some places I’ve visited.  A lot of people like and own dogs here but the other half wants those dogs tired up on a 6 foot leash at all times. There are some downtown restaurants that allow dogs outside on the sidewalk cafe in the summer.  Connor O’Neils is one somewhat dog friendly place.  You can take your dog into PetCo at Arbor Land and I think Dogma and Catma Too allows dogs to visit.

Ann Arbor Dog Grooming

There are many dog groomers in Ann Arbor.  Ann Arborites like their dog nice and tidy! My dog gets a bath in the Huron River or a mud puddle so we don’t have much experience with the dog groomers.  However, there is a real nice poodle across the street that used to go to the groomer.  Here are a few Ann Arbor Dog Grooming choices: Classy Canines, Quality Grooming, Primped and Pampered – a mobile spa comes to your house.

Ann Arbor Dog License

Read this post about Ann Arbor Dog Licenses.

Ann Arbor Dog Park

Ann Arbor has a dog park and you don’t need to keep you dog on a leash while using it.  The official Ann Arbor Dog Parks are at Swift Run and Olson Park.  Your dog needs a dog license and a permit to play there. Here’s the Ann Arbor City page about the dog parks. The Arb, Nichols Arboretum,  is a nice place to walk your dog on a leash if you go during a not so busy time.  Dog Walk at the Arb. Cedar Bend is a nicer spot to walk your dogbut a little more rugged.  Great for the outdoorsy dogs and people.

Ann Arbor Dog Trainer

John Spieser of Dogheart is my recommendation for a really competent and caring dog trainer.

Ann Arbor Dog Training

Dog Training Services in Ann Arbor Dog Heart Dog Training offers one-on-one puppy training and personalized training. They promote positive, gentle and effective training using Dominance Gentling. All Breeds & Temperaments, Basic and Advanced Manners, On & Off Leash Obedience, Habit Breaking and much more!

Ann Arbor Dog Wash

This is an awesome name for a service:  The Dog O Mat! Take your dog there after he’s been sprayed by a skunk.  Just put him in the back of the pickup to get him there (just kidding).

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